• If you have the database and the ideas

    Boise Office Equipment can help you get customized pieces to your clients quickly, without spending a fortune!

  • IT Solutions to Optimize Productivity

    BOE provides a variety software solutions from Virtual Desktop and Enterprise Content Management to Cloud Services and Intelligent Scanning

  • Take Control of the Technology in your Office with BOE360°™

    BOE360°™ A revolutionary assessment methodology, measures the core areas required to achieve true workflow optimization

  • Get Remote Support from our
    Customer Care Center

    Our Customer Care Center Solves 24% of service calls remotely within minutes alleviating the need to wait for a technician, keeping you productive

Innovative IT Solutions

At BOE we work on providing total solutions for any office environment, learn more now!

Xerox Technology

Print from the cloud and scan to the cloud now from the touch screen of your Xerox device.


Let us assist you in implementing green initiatives in your office, reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment now!

Customer Care Center

Our Customer Care Center will assist you with any problem you may experience. Using state-of-the-art technology, your problems will be fixed even faster!